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The Nzuri Experience  Nzuri, from the Swahili word meaning ‘beautiful’, is a place that’s true to its name. Like the harmony between its founders Oba, an extrovert, and Bea, an introvert, Nzuri balances opposing elements to create an enchanting escape from the daily grind. Oba and Bea have created a space where Brooklyn’s finest can gather, mingle, relax and chill.  Combining glitz with an earthy and rustic feel, Nzuri brings the laid-back atmosphere – and culinary delights -- of the Caribbean to the hectic streets of Bed Stuy. Come and unwind in a classy and swanky spot, a place with urban charm adorned with a sprinkle of nature, right in the heart of Brooklyn. Welcome to the Nzuri era – Life. Lived. Beautifully